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Here's just a small batch of icons I made for a recent contest at makeanicon .

Robert Pattinson (11)
Ed Westwick (3)


The British are coming...Collapse )  or purplemnkyicons  if you use. Thank you.



All icons from miscellaneous television shows. Includes variations & alternates.

42 total...Collapse )
A year ago I said I was going to post some textures, well here ya go! :0 Hopefully better late than never.

These are just the individual icons, but if someone really wants a zip file, I'll see what I can do.

under the cut...Collapse )

Please COMMENT and tell me what you think! And ENJOY! Credit really isn't necessary since these aren't my original designs. Thanks!


40 icons total, including alternates...Collapse )

*This is the first of many posts I'll be making in the next few days
I participated in neversince's Gigantor Icon Project. It was a lot fun, but very challenging for me. Everyone should go check out the results!


27 icons, plus alternates=41 totalCollapse )
Hey all, I'm still here! It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I'm finally ready to start again.

Things I will posting in the near future:
-icons from a big icon challenge/project (posting on Friday, the 31st)
-misc icons from contests
-multiple texture sets
Here's a completely random batch of icons :P

Fandoms include: Veronica Mars, Oz, Prison Break, Firefly & contest entries.....


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A small batch of GA icons (mostly from icontests)....


16 total

You don't get to call me a whore.....Collapse )
There are a total of 52 icons from QaF & Gale Harold (lots of variations included).

Hope you like!


beautiful people.....Collapse )

My new addiction! I am completely obsessed with this show and therefore, I cannot stop making icons of it. I thought I'd post what I have before it got too out of hand. :P Also includes Gale Harold icons.

Because this is such a beautiful show, I experimented a lot with color. I really like some of these, while some not so much...heh.



61 icons totalCollapse )